Collection: 3D Printed Fidget Toys

Our fidget toys are 3D printed in our workshop here in Ireland, using some of the best materials. Available in a range of simple and complex designs, our 3D printed toys are completely unique, and fun to use, providing a safe and fun sensory stimulation outlet for kids and adults of all ages.

The various textures and movements they provide help the user relax and focus. Fidgets are also known as sensory toys and are often recommended for people with various types of autism, ADHD, or anxiety. They are one of the best ways to develop self-regulation, and manage impulses at home, at work, in the classroom, and in stressful situations. 

Our 3D printed fidget toys can be customised to be any colour or combination of colours you have in mind. Just let us know what you choose when ordering online. Our ultra-cool 3D printed fidget toys are made from strong and sustainable materials and are made to a unique one-piece design. Our dragon fidget toys are intricately crafted with moveable arms and legs, making them great for imaginative play, and for use as a fidget toy. 

3D Printed Fidget Toys