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Find a range of sustainable materials for 3D printing in our online shop. We are trusted suppliers for new and experienced 3D printing artists across Ireland looking to work on their next project. Whether you run a 3D printing business, or enjoy making as a hobby, you will find all the sustainable printing filament you need to build projects in a variety of colours. 

PLA Filament
PLA filament is a biodegradable and sustainable 3D printing material that brings great quality results. It reduces the risk of warping and is the best choice for perfect prints every time. Plus, the odour is very low compared to other types of 3D printing filament. Take a look at our PLA filament in the clear glitter range. With a huge colour variety to choose from, this high transparency 3D printing filament gives a high gloss finish and can even produce a colour changing effect. PLA filament produces tough and durable items that don’t deform easily. 

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To buy sustainable 3D printing materials from our online store, click the product below. We offer quick delivery across Ireland and the continent Europe. If you have any questions about our 3D printing filament supplies, or the PLA filament range, please reach out to our team by phone, or the web chat. We look forward to hearing from you. 

3D Printer Filament