Collection: 3D Printed Dragons

Customise and Buy Online
All the dragon 3D prints you see in our online shop are made from templates created by talented 3D printing artists across Ireland. With fully moveable limbs and tails that bend, our 3D printed dragons make the perfect fidget toy, or an addition to your fantasy world collection. With a variety of textures and movements, they can help you relax and focus. Fidget toys are also called sensory toys, and are recommended for children and adults with different types of autism, ADHD or anxiety. They can be custom made at our 3D printing workshop in Ireland in any size, colour, form or texture. You can request a 3D printed dragon in any solid colour or multicolour combination you can dream up – just let us know via the web chat, or as part of your online purchase process. 

Crystal Dragon
As one of our most popular 3D printed dragon orders, the stunning crystal dragon is great for kids. This compact and lightweight dragon 3D print is made with intricate patterning, and is a seamless design made in one piece. It can be custom made in a single colour, or with multiple colours all blended together for a mesmerising effect. 

All our 3D printed dragons are delivered across Ireland. 

3D Printed Dragons