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Kaida with egg

Kaida with egg

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Once upon a time, in a magical land far, far away, there lived a kind dragon named Kaida. She was known throughout the land for her gentle nature and desire to help anyone. Kaida had a beautiful metallic coat that shone in the sunlight, and her wings were large and powerful, allowing her to fly high above the clouds.

One day, a young girl named Lily stumbled upon Kaida's lair while exploring the forest. At first, Lily was frightened by the sight of the dragon, but Kaida quickly put her at ease by offering her a warm smile and a gentle nudge.

As the two became friends, Kaida showed Lily her collection of dragon eggs, each more beautiful than the last. Lily was amazed by the dragon's collection, and Kaida could tell that the eggs enamoured her.

At that moment, Kaida had an idea. She decided to gift one of her precious dragon eggs to Lily. It symbolised friendship and a reminder that kindness could lead to great things.

Thus, Kaida's legacy lived on through her dragon egg, which was passed down from generation to generation. Today, you, too, can own a piece of this magical story with the Kaida dragon and matching egg. It's a reminder of the power of kindness and a beautiful addition to any collection.

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Customer Reviews

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I was lucky enough to get the dragon in th...

I was lucky enough to get the dragon in the photo and it is spectacular. The colours are so beautiful. Thank you Tom. :)

Paz B.

This one looks awesome in a rainbow gradient or custom colors. I got mine in the funky rainbow gradient because that one is very soft and smooth. Excellent quality as always!

Glad you love it, enjoy that Funky Rainbow Kaida!